Step A : Put a Supporting Board Before Install Barn Door/Barn Door Installation

When installing on plaster, a wood board must first be fastened to the studs behind the plaster wall before mounting the barn door track. The length and width of the supporting board should be at least equal to the ones of the track.

1. Find the center line position of the track by adding 43mm to the door height and measuring up from the floor. Mark with a pencil.

    track height


2. On a flat surface, centre the track on the supporting board (insure the track is straight on the board). Mark locations of track mounting holes onto board.


barn door instruction
3. Use the stud finder to find the studs behind the plaster. Mark locations.
4. Position the supporting board on the wall ensuring it is level. Attach through plaster into studs using screws (2 per stud location). Ensure the centre line of the board is at the line drawn in step (1)

3 barn door instruction

5. Position screws so they do not interfere with track mounting holes.

Step B:Install Barn Door Track on Supporting Board

    1. Drill “6mm” pilot holes for track mounting lag bolts into board at marked locations.


      5 barn door instruction
2. Attach track to mounting board with lag bolts with spacers and washers.


6 barn door instruction